Worldwide Community Become a contributor to the POCO C++ Libraries.
Report Issues The easiest way to contribute is by writing bug reports and feature requests. Also, we'd like to hear from you if you are already using POCO — what you use it for, what you like and where we can improve.
Write Code If you'd like to contribute code or patches, please read our C++ Coding Style Guide first. We do not grant write access to our source code repository to the general public (write access is available upon request — see the Q&A below), but you can send your contributions to the project maintainers at

Q: Is there any type of contributing license agreement that I have to sign to contribute new features to POCO?

A: Currently, you are not required to sign a contributing license agreement. What we require is that you put all your contributions under the Boost license. Also, for contributions that go into existing libraries, you are requested, for reasons of maintaining consistency, to assign the copyright to "Applied Informatics Software Engineering GmbH and Contributors", by putting the corresponding license header in your source file (see the existing source files). If you want to contribute a complete library, you are free to keep the copyright to yourself, if you want, as long as you put the sources under the Boost license used by POCO.

Q: How can I get write access to the Subversion repository?

A: Please contact the project maintainers at

Q: What are the SVN committing rules/guidelines?


  1. Subscribe to and follow postings on poco-develop and (especially) on poco-svn-commit mailing lists.
  2. If you plan to do major updates, notify your fellow developers on the poco-develop list about it.
  3. Make sure the repository builds at all times, at least on major platforms.
  4. Write as many tests as possible.
  5. Put forth a reasonable effort for the tests in the repository to pass.
  6. If the repository submission significance warrants it, make sure to properly record it in the Sourceforge project tracker system.