POCO Data Library

POCO Data Release Notes


Release 1.3.6

Summary of Changes

  • fixed SF# 2186643: Data::Statement::reset() not implemented in 1.3.3
  • better error reporting in Data MySQL connector (patch #2881270 by Jan "HanzZ" Kaluza)
  • fixed SF# 2876179: MySQL Signed/Unsigned value bug
  • upgraded to SQLite 3.6.20

Release 1.3.5

Summary of Changes

Release 1.3.4

Summary of Changes

  • Upgraded to SQLite 3.6.13
  • improved SQLite error reporting
  • Poco::Data::SessionPool: the janitor can be disabled by specifying a zero idle time.
  • added Poco::Data::SessionPool::customizeSession()
  • added support for different SQLite transaction modes (DEFERRED, IMMEDIATE, EXCLUSIVE) The transaction mode can be set with setProperty("transactionMode", mode); where mode is one of "DEFERRED", "IMMEDIATE" or "EXCLUSIVE". Note that mode must be passed as a std::string.
  • Data::SQLite: added support for automatic retries if the database is locked. Automatic retires can be enabled with setProperty("maxRetryAttempts", nAttempts); where the number of attempts must be an int. Retry behavior can be further customized using the minRetrySleep and maxRetrySleep properties. See Poco::Data::SQLite::SessionImpl for more information.
  • improved SQLite data type mapping

Release 1.3.3

Summary of Changes

  • Upgraded to SQLite 3.6.2
  • fixed SF# 1871946: no exception thrown on error
  • fixed SF# 2007486: Please clarify license for Data/samples/*
  • fixed SF# 2019857: Memory leak in Data::ODBC Extractor
  • fixed SF# 2118943: out_of_bound access in Poco::Data::BLOB:rawContent
  • fixed SF# 1891132: Poco::Data::StatementImpl::executeWithLimit is not correct

Release 1.3.2

Summary of Changes

  • fixed SF# 1724388: ODBC Diagnostics
  • fixed SF# 1804797: ODBC Statement multiple execution fails
  • fixed SF# 1803435: SessionPool onJanitorTimer called too often?
  • fixed SF# 1851997: Undefined Behavior in ODBC::Preparation
  • updated SQlite to 3.5.5

Release 1.3.1

Summary of Changes

  • fixed SF# 1739989: Data::RecordSet::operator = ()
  • fixed SF# 1747525: SQLite, Transactions and Session Pooling
  • upgraded to SQLite 3.4.1

Release 1.3.0

Summary of Changes

Incompatible Changes and Possible Transition Issues

Release 1.3 of the POCO C++ Libraries is the first official release containing the Data library. The Data library has been available in a development state for the 1.2 release. For the 1.3 release, a few things have been changed in an incompatible way that requires changes to existing code.