POCO C++ Libraries Windows Platform Notes



The Windows versions of the POCO C++ Libraries are built with Visual Studio. Basic support for building with MinGW is there as well, but at this time is not officially supported and may or may not work.

Starting with release 1.4.0 the POCO C++ Libraries support new build configurations for Visual Studio. Furthermore, Visual Studio 2010 and 64-bit (x64) builds are now supported in addition to Visual Studio 2008, 2005 and .NET 2003, as previously supported. 64-bit (x64) builds are only supported with Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Studio 2010.

The following build configurations are available:

Libraries And Linking Considerations

Automatic Linking of POCO C++ Libraries

The POCO C++ Libraries header files contain #pragma comment directives that enable automatic linking of the required POCO libraries to an application. For this to work, a few rules must be kept in mind.

Library Naming Conventions

The following naming conventions are used:

32-bit libraries are placed in the lib directory. 64-bit libraries are placed in the lib64 directory. DLLs are placed in bin (32-bit) or bin64 (64-bit). 64-bit DLLs are named PocoLIB64.dll for release and PocoLIB64d.dll for debug, respectively.