template < class T >

class Binding

Library: Data
Package: DataCore
Header: Poco/Data/Binding.h


A Binding maps a value to a column.


Direct Base Classes: AbstractBinding

All Base Classes: AbstractBinding, Poco::RefCountedObject

Member Summary

Member Functions: bind, canBind, numOfColumnsHandled, numOfRowsHandled, reset

Inherited Functions: bind, canBind, duplicate, getBinder, numOfColumnsHandled, numOfRowsHandled, referenceCount, release, reset, setBinder


Binding inline

explicit Binding(
    const T & val

Creates the Binding.


~Binding virtual inline


Destroys the Binding.

Member Functions

bind virtual inline

void bind(
    std::size_t pos

See also: Poco::Data::AbstractBinding::bind()

canBind virtual inline

bool canBind() const;

See also: Poco::Data::AbstractBinding::canBind()

numOfColumnsHandled virtual inline

std::size_t numOfColumnsHandled() const;

See also: Poco::Data::AbstractBinding::numOfColumnsHandled()

numOfRowsHandled virtual inline

std::size_t numOfRowsHandled() const;

See also: Poco::Data::AbstractBinding::numOfRowsHandled()

reset virtual inline

void reset();

See also: Poco::Data::AbstractBinding::reset()