template < class T >

class Extraction

Library: Data
Package: DataCore
Header: Poco/Data/Extraction.h


Concrete Data Type specific extraction of values from a query result set.


Direct Base Classes: AbstractExtraction

All Base Classes: AbstractExtraction, Poco::RefCountedObject

Member Summary

Member Functions: createPrepareObject, extract, numOfColumnsHandled, numOfRowsAllowed, numOfRowsHandled, reset

Inherited Functions: createPrepareObject, duplicate, extract, getExtractor, getLimit, numOfColumnsHandled, numOfRowsAllowed, numOfRowsHandled, referenceCount, release, reset, setExtractor, setLimit


Extraction inline

    T & result

Creates an Extraction object, uses an empty object T as default value

Extraction inline

    T & result,
    const T & def

Creates an Extraction object, uses the provided def object as default value


~Extraction virtual inline


Destroys the Extraction object.

Member Functions

createPrepareObject virtual inline

AbstractPrepare * createPrepareObject(
    AbstractPreparation * pPrep,
    std::size_t pos
) const;

extract virtual inline

void extract(
    std::size_t pos

numOfColumnsHandled virtual inline

std::size_t numOfColumnsHandled() const;

numOfRowsAllowed virtual inline

std::size_t numOfRowsAllowed() const;

numOfRowsHandled virtual inline

std::size_t numOfRowsHandled() const;

reset virtual inline

void reset();