class PooledSessionImpl

Library: Data
Package: SessionPooling
Header: Poco/Data/PooledSessionImpl.h


PooledSessionImpl is a decorator created by SessionPool that adds session pool management to SessionImpl objects.


Direct Base Classes: SessionImpl

All Base Classes: SessionImpl, Poco::RefCountedObject

Member Summary

Member Functions: access, begin, close, commit, createStatementImpl, getFeature, getProperty, impl, isConnected, isTransaction, rollback, setFeature, setProperty

Inherited Functions: begin, close, commit, createStatementImpl, duplicate, getFeature, getProperty, isConnected, isTransaction, referenceCount, release, rollback, setFeature, setProperty



    PooledSessionHolder * pHolder

Creates the PooledSessionImpl.


~PooledSessionImpl virtual


Destroys the PooledSessionImpl.

Member Functions

begin virtual

void begin();

See also: Poco::Data::SessionImpl::begin()

close virtual

void close();

See also: Poco::Data::SessionImpl::close()

commit virtual

void commit();

See also: Poco::Data::SessionImpl::commit()

createStatementImpl virtual

StatementImpl * createStatementImpl();

See also: Poco::Data::SessionImpl::createStatementImpl()

getFeature virtual

bool getFeature(
    const std::string & name

See also: Poco::Data::SessionImpl::getFeature()

getProperty virtual

Poco::Any getProperty(
    const std::string & name

See also: Poco::Data::SessionImpl::getProperty()

isConnected virtual

bool isConnected();

See also: Poco::Data::SessionImpl::isConnected()

isTransaction virtual

bool isTransaction();

See also: Poco::Data::SessionImpl::isTransaction()

rollback virtual

void rollback();

See also: Poco::Data::SessionImpl::rollback()

setFeature virtual

void setFeature(
    const std::string & name,
    bool state

See also: Poco::Data::SessionImpl::setFeature()

setProperty virtual

void setProperty(
    const std::string & name,
    const Poco::Any & value

See also: Poco::Data::SessionImpl::setProperty()

access protected

SessionImpl * access();

Updates the last access timestamp, verifies validity of the session and returns the session if it is valid.

Throws an SessionUnavailableException if the session is no longer valid.

impl protected inline

SessionImpl * impl();

Returns a pointer to the SessionImpl.