class DTDMap

Library: XML
Package: DOM
Header: Poco/DOM/DTDMap.h


This implementation of NamedNodeMap is returned by DocumentType::entities() and DocumentType::notations().


Direct Base Classes: NamedNodeMap

All Base Classes: DOMObject, NamedNodeMap

Member Summary

Member Functions: autoRelease, getNamedItem, getNamedItemNS, item, length, removeNamedItem, removeNamedItemNS, setNamedItem, setNamedItemNS

Inherited Functions: autoRelease, duplicate, getNamedItem, getNamedItemNS, item, length, release, removeNamedItem, removeNamedItemNS, setNamedItem, setNamedItemNS


DTDMap protected

    const DocumentType * pDocumentType,
    unsigned short type


~DTDMap protected virtual


Member Functions

autoRelease virtual

void autoRelease();

See also: Poco::XML::DOMObject::autoRelease()

getNamedItem virtual

Node * getNamedItem(
    const XMLString & name
) const;

See also: Poco::XML::NamedNodeMap::getNamedItem()

getNamedItemNS virtual

Node * getNamedItemNS(
    const XMLString & namespaceURI,
    const XMLString & localName
) const;

See also: Poco::XML::NamedNodeMap::getNamedItemNS()

item virtual

Node * item(
    unsigned long index
) const;

See also: Poco::XML::NamedNodeMap::item()

length virtual

unsigned long length() const;

See also: Poco::XML::NamedNodeMap::length()

removeNamedItem virtual

Node * removeNamedItem(
    const XMLString & name

See also: Poco::XML::NamedNodeMap::removeNamedItem()

removeNamedItemNS virtual

Node * removeNamedItemNS(
    const XMLString & namespaceURI,
    const XMLString & localName

See also: Poco::XML::NamedNodeMap::removeNamedItemNS()

setNamedItem virtual

Node * setNamedItem(
    Node * arg

See also: Poco::XML::NamedNodeMap::setNamedItem()

setNamedItemNS virtual

Node * setNamedItemNS(
    Node * arg

See also: Poco::XML::NamedNodeMap::setNamedItemNS()