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Using Poco with Eclipse

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Using Poco with Eclipse

Postby turboshield » 26 Dec 2010, 02:40

I use Eclipse in my C++ project (under Linux), but Poco require specific Makefile! It is terrible!u

I have installed Poco, "./configure; make;", made POCO_BASE variable that contains path to Poco directory.

Now when I include any poco .h file, all is fine! Compiled does not tell me that path is wrong. But when I use Poco classes in project, than I see errors,

Code: Select all

/tmp/cckqLASA.o: In function `main':
MyProg.cpp:(.text+0x6fe): undefined reference to `Poco::Net::ServerSocket::ServerSocket(unsigned short, int)'
MyProg.cpp:(.text+0x70f): undefined reference to `Poco::Net::ServerSocket::~ServerSocket()'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

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Re: Using Poco with Eclipse

Postby turboshield » 27 Dec 2010, 00:14

Poco library has dead support. So. I need TCP server class from this library. But with this crazy support and with crazy Makefile... that can compile only examples and only in fixed directory.... I hope I will not be use this raw library.

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Re: Using Poco with Eclipse

Postby turboshield » 27 Dec 2010, 15:20

Thanks, assh*lls, I found it myself


Step-by-step how to use Poco (or other third party library)

1. Look for the documentation of the class that you are interested in using. (Look at index.html), understand what this class can do, look for its constructor, see what members it has, look at the unit tests of this class, try to find examples using your desired class.
2. Include the h file that contains the desirable class – Add this file directory to the makefile and to the project properties. If you are working with eclipse add the h file to your project: "right click on the project, properties, C/C++ build, setting, GCC C++ compiler, Directories, add".
3. add the library to the linker. In eclipse, add to "right click on the project, properties, C++ Linker, commands" the library name (for example: libPocoFoundationd) and "right click on the project, properties, C++ Linker, library, library search path" the location of the desirable library.
4. Use the classes and function in your implementation.

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Re: Using Poco with Eclipse

Postby guenter » 27 Dec 2010, 15:53

Congratulations, you've managed to become the first user to be banned from this forum.

First, you posted a question on a Christmas holiday, and got pissed because nobody answered immediately. For most of the people here, Christmas is one of the most important holidays of the year, and most of us have better things to do on such a day than to hang around a programming forum and answer lazy people's questions. If you want immediate support on a Sunday or holiday, purchase a commercial support contract and be prepared to pay $$$ for it.

Second, your question could have easily been answered by yourself by doing some research on Google or other search engines, or learning the basics of C/C++ programming. Expecting us to do your work for free is inappropriate behavior.

Third, learn about Netiquette.

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