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Locking in AbstractCache

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Locking in AbstractCache

Postby rakesh » 02 Feb 2012, 23:45


I was looking for any information related to using Mutex vs RWLock (I am looking for multiple-reader single-writer type system) and saw one post about potential for starvation with RWLock (the answer seemed to indicate it may have issues on Windows but not on POSIX). Is there any reason why you chose FastMutex instead of RWLock for the cache implementations? I may be mistaken, but I would have thought caches in general are used mostly in read mode from multiple threads, with infrequent writes (from multiple threads I agree). In such a scenario what lead to your decision to use FastMutex over RWLock. Unless I am mistaken, a FastMutex will serialise access to the cache regardless of whether it is a read or a write operation.

Thanks in advance for clarifying your thought process.
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