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How to log on Linux?

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How to log on Linux?

Postby mrunix » 19 Jun 2012, 04:39


I use POCO library. I encounter a strange problem. my system is Linux for embedded PowerPC.

If I login to system first, I start my app like this:

# app &

I can got the log "app.log".

If I start my app like this:

# app --daemon

I can run the app, but cann't get any log, didn't create 'app.log' file.

QUESTION1: If I run my app by command line, how can I get the log?

If I start my app by "/etc/inittab", like this:


I start my app in rcS script file. I can run my app, but the app cann't create "app.log" file.

QUESTION2: If I run my app by "/etc/inittab", how can I get the log?

Thank you!

logging.loggers.root.channel = splitter
logging.loggers.root.level = trace

logging.channels.splitter.class = SplitterChannel
logging.channels.splitter.channels = file

logging.channels.file.class = FileChannel
logging.channels.file.path = ${application.baseName}.log
logging.channels.file.pattern = %Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S [%P:%I]:%q:%t
logging.channels.file.rotation = 1024K
logging.channels.file.archive = timestamp
logging.channels.file.purgeCount = 3
logging.channels.file.times = local
logging.loggers.file.level = information

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