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Using SessionPool AutoPtr in Poco 1.4.6 // avoiding leaks

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Using SessionPool AutoPtr in Poco 1.4.6 // avoiding leaks

Postby kah » 28 May 2013, 21:52

I've been attempting to use the AutoPtr for a SessionPool, however I get the following error:

error: class 'Poco::Data:SessionPool' has no member named 'release'

sometimes I get an error for other methods such as 'duplicate' depending on what I do.

My real issue is to avoid memory leaks. I want to do this by using sessions from a global session pool. We have to share sessions between classes, so the use of ptrs is important for safe code. I see that I can use a SessionPoolContainer in 1.5, but for now we are trying to get 1.4.6 to work.

Any ideas?


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Re: Using SessionPool AutoPtr in Poco 1.4.6 // avoiding lea

Postby guenter » 29 May 2013, 09:51

Poco::AutoPtr requires that the class supports reference counting with duplicate() and release() methods. Typically, these are classes derived from Poco::RefCountedObject (but this is not required). For other classes, such as Poco::Data::SessionPool, use Poco::SharedPtr.

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