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opening a database session crashes

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opening a database session crashes

Postby muellerto » 27 Nov 2013, 09:39

I have code that worked for four years. With the new development release 1.5.2 it crashes (at least on my 64bit Linux).

I opened a database session as follows:
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using namespace Poco::Data;
Connector* pConnector = new MySQL::Connector();
string connect = "a valid MySQL connect string";
Session* pSession = new Session(SessionFactory::instance().create(pConnector->name(), connect));

This causes a SEGFAULT in the last line, probably in the create()-method of the SessionFactory.

I tried several things to work around this. I ended up as follows:
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Session* pSession = new Session(MySQL::Connector::KEY, connect);

This works as expected. Think, this is just a bug.
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