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Datetime data type error

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Datetime data type error

Postby crioto » 26 Jun 2009, 06:59

Look's like a bug, or i don't know something?
When using Poco::Data::ODBC
I have an Sql Server located table with more them 20 columns.

i use this code
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Poco::Data::Statement mState(mCore->getPool().get());
mState << "SELECT * FROM MyTable";

And it's fail. I have these error bad data format: unsupported data type
When i use native columns name ignoring columns with DATETIME - it's work well, e.g.:
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SELECT notDatetimeCol1, notDatetimeCol2, ..., notDatetimeColN FROM MyTable
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Re: Datetime data type error

Postby alex » 26 Jun 2009, 19:13

1.3.x does not support DateTime binding. The support has been introduced in the current development code. Convert your DateTime to string within SQL to work around it.
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