Building Poco on Windows

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Building Poco on Windows

Postby robini » 08 Dec 2011, 18:55

I wasted a lot of time building Poco on Windows using the TCC LE command prompt (V12.11).

I tried to build the libraries using

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buildwin 90 build all both Win32 samples
. Under TCC this will only build the shared debug libraries as the subsequent ones don't get built.
It looks like the TCC batch file interpreter can not parse multiple ifs in a for loop.

The standard windows command prompt works just fine!

Also the "nosamples" flag does not work either use "no" or edit buildwin.cmd

before (line: 272)

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if "%SAMPLES%"=="no" goto :EOF


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if "%SAMPLES%"=="nosamples" goto :EOF

Hope this is of help


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