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namespaces and syntactic sugar

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namespaces and syntactic sugar

Postby marlowa » 24 Jul 2006, 20:49

I like what I have seen of POCO so far so I am reluctant to kick things off with a negative post, but... why does POCO use syntactic sugar for namespace scoping? E.g instead of:

namespace Fred {
blah blah

we have:

blah blah

I don't see what practical benefit comes from this style. Can someone enlighten me please?

-Andrew Marlow

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Re: namespaces and syntactic sugar

Postby guenter » 26 Jul 2006, 09:08

The original idea behind it was to make it easier one day to change namespaces (e.g., put a top-level POCO namespace around everything), without having to change too much source code.

Another side effect is that it saves (at least) one level of indentation.
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