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XML Output

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XML Output

Postby TheRawGod » 07 Dec 2006, 15:54


working with Poco these days I faced another problem. In the form of the question it sonds: is it possible to produce an XML output omitting all "namespace"-related stuff? I processed and HTML page and was a problem: the browser refuses HTML code that contains namespaces, especially when they occur in the middle of the document that is the case when I want to process just the part of the HTML page, let's say its body. The only solution I found was to do it manually, using Poco's base classes but that does not seem to be an easy approach:(

Another issue is that there is no way to output the "innerHTML" (MS JScript DOM terminology) contents of the XML element. This is not a real problem, as it's always possible to combine output of element's children, though when every of those children contain namespace declarations it is a problem:)

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Re: XML Output

Postby guenter » 08 Dec 2006, 10:11

Both DOMParser and SAXParser support a member function setFeature(), which you can use to turn off namespaces support:


POCO::XML::DOMParser parser;
parser.setFeature("http://xml.org/sax/features/namespaces", false);

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Re: XML Output

Postby TheRawGod » 08 Dec 2006, 14:56

Thanks a lot!

I found that feature to be able to be set for XMLReader, but not for DOMParser as that was not very obvios for me... Thanks again for bringing light on that.

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