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Issue with DefaltingOutputStream/InflatingInputStream

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Issue with DefaltingOutputStream/InflatingInputStream

Postby jnewell » 10 Aug 2012, 23:04

I wrote a simple unit test to show the issue. The DefaltingOutputStream/InflatingInputStream sometimes fails with different sizes. I'll debug further but I'm posting to see if someone else has encountered this or maybe I'm just doing something wrong in the calling.

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# works with 64000
$ ./bccd2 -c -f -t comp
31950:TID=0:Main.cpp:93:I:logging enabled: level=6
31950:TID=0::0:I:Run Test: #11
31950:TID=0::0:I:original size=64000 compressed size=298

# doesn't work with 36828 and other odd ranges
$$ ./bccd2 -c -f -t comp
32098:TID=0:Main.cpp:93:I:logging enabled: level=6
32098:TID=0::0:I:Run Test: #11
32098:TID=0::0:I:original size=36828 compressed size=179
32098:TID=0::0:I:uncompress not equal to original

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static int test_compression2(std::ostream &out) {
  int size = 36828; // doesn't work
  //int size = 64000;   // works
  string orginalMessage(size, 'a');
  Buffer<char> buffer(size);
  MemoryOutputStream mos(buffer.begin(), size);
  DeflatingOutputStream dos(mos, -10, Z_BEST_SPEED); // use zlib with no header
  //d.write(orginalMessage.data(), orginalMessage.size());
  dos << orginalMessage;
  int csize = mos.charsWritten();
  out << "original size=" << size << " " << "compressed size=" << csize << endl;

  MemoryInputStream mis(buffer.begin(), csize);
  InflatingInputStream ii(mis, -10);
  string uncompressedMessage;
  ii >> uncompressedMessage;
  out << "size=" << uncompressedMessage.size() << endl;
  if (uncompressedMessage != orginalMessage) {
    out << "uncompress not equal to original" << endl;
  return 0;
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Re: Issue with DefaltingOutputStream/InflatingInputStream

Postby jnewell » 20 Aug 2012, 00:55

**** Ignore this patch. It's not correct. See next message in thread. ****

I tracked this down. The charsWritten() in include/Poco/MemoryStream.h is sometimes returning an incorrect size. I believe the patch below fixes the issue.

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   std::streamsize charsWritten() const
      return static_cast<std::streamsize>(this->epptr() - this->pptr());
      //return static_cast<std::streamsize>(this->pptr() - this->pbase());
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Re: Issue with DefaltingOutputStream/InflatingInputStream

Postby guenter » 20 Aug 2012, 02:55

charsWritten() is correct. The issue is actually in the InflatingStreamBuf class, where under some circumstances the final call to inflate() is not done, resulting in an imcompletely inflated file. See <https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=3559665&group_id=132964&atid=725709>. Fix will be in 1.4.4.
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Re: Issue with DefaltingOutputStream/InflatingInputStream

Postby jnewell » 20 Aug 2012, 14:22

I was way off. I was just getting lucky with my change with it covering more of the memory buffer. Sorry. My experience/ability with templates is poor. I never even saw the readFromDevice() being called in the debugger. I will remove the above patch so others don't get confused. Regards, Jim
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