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SecureServerSocket sample

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SecureServerSocket sample

Postby flomll » 05 Nov 2012, 11:17

Hy I would like to write a multithreaded SSL server. So I started with the EchoServer sample and modify something to use the SecureServerSocket instead of ServerSocket.

The code compiles and start to execute but I get a SSL Exception: Configuration error: no certificate file has been specified. How or where can I set the path to the certificate?

Here is a part of my code: (At line ?? the SSL Exception is thrown.)
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int main(const std::vector<std::string>& args)
   if (_helpRequested)
      // get parameters from configuration file
      unsigned short port = (unsigned short) config().getInt("EchoServer.port", 9977);

      // set-up a server socket
      SecureServerSocket svs(port);

      // set-up a SocketReactor...
      SocketReactor reactor;
      // ... and a SocketAcceptor
      SocketAcceptor<SecureEchoServiceHandler> acceptor(svs, reactor);
      // run the reactor in its own thread so that we can wait for
      // a termination request
      Thread thread;
      // wait for CTRL-C or kill
      // Stop the SocketReactor
   return Application::EXIT_OK;

At the constructor of the ServerApplication class I execute
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and at the destructor
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Can anyone help me with that problem? Does anyone have a sample project that implements a multithreaded SSL server with POCO?
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Re: SecureServerSocket sample

Postby flomll » 05 Nov 2012, 15:45

I fixed the problem. The only thing you have to to do is at the HTTPSTimeServerSample. To test the implementation use the certificate from the HTTPSTimeServerSample and the *.properties file. At this file you can finde some sample entries to configure the openssl configurations.

If anyone need the simple code for SecureEchoServerSample, write me!!
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