Professional Support

Professional Support for users of the POCO C++ Libraries is available from Applied Informatics. Please contact Applied Informatics for more information.

  Standard Support Extended Support
Max. Initial Response Time 3 business days 1 business day
Number of Support Tickets 3 unlimited
Hotfix or Custom Releases available
(for 12 months)
EUR 790
(approx. US-$ 890)
Support Agreement
Applied Informatics
Trainings Get up to speed with the POCO C++ Libraries faster with a training or workshop delivered by the creator of the POCO C++ Libraries! Applied Informatics offers trainings and workshops tailored specifically to your needs, from a basic 2-day training up to a full week workshop combining training, exercises, Q&A, consulting, code reviews and whatever else you need to successfully build your project with the POCO C++ Libraries.
Contact Applied Informatics for more information and to book a date.
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Professional C++ libraries and tools based on the POCO C++ Libraries from Applied Informatics — providing features like Remoting for RPC/IPC, REST, JSON-RPC and SOAP/WSDL web services, Open Service Platform for building modular, extensible applications, DNSSD/Zeroconf, Universal Plug and Play and Fast Infoset processing. is Applied Informatics' new cloud-based platform enabling secure remote access to the built-in web server of smart devices. Visit the website for more information.