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Archive: October, 2006

POCO 1.2.5. Released

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POCO release 1.2.5 is available for download.

Changes in detail:

  • Improved LoggingConfigurator: channel creation and configuration is now a two-step process. This means that the previous problems with PropertyFileConfiguration and IniFileConfiguration when referencing other channels are solved.
  • improved options handling: better handling of (non) ambiguities. If both an option named “help” and one named “helper” is specified, this no longer causes ambiguity errors.
  • added check for duplicate option definition
  • ThreadPool bugfix: fixed a crash that occurs on Linux multiprocessor machines (caused by an thread unsafe string assignment corrupting the heap…) (SF# 1575315)
  • improved ThreadPool performance
  • XML now compiles with -DXML_UNICODE_WCHAR_T (SF# 1575174)
  • fixed SF# 1572757: HTML forms can have more than one key/value pair with the same name
  • got rid of the dynamic casts in Events, Events/Cache: simpler/faster Delegate < operator, prevents some rare dynamic casts error from occuring when using StrategyCollection with Caches
  • improvements to Logger and LoggingConfigurator:
    • added Logger::unsafeGet()
    • added Logger::setProperty(loggerName, propertyName, value)
    • LoggingConfigurator now correctly (re)configures existing Loggers (prior to this change, if a Logger named “a.b.c” existed before the LoggingConfigurator started its work, and the LoggingConfigurator configured a Logger named “a.b”, then “a.b.c” would not inherit the new configuration).
  • improvements to SplitterChannel and EventLogChannel configuration
  • improved LoggingRegistry exception messages
  • MessageHeader::read() is more liberal with malformed message headers. This fixes problems with certain network cameras sending malformed HTTP headers.

ODBC DataConnector

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ODBC DataConnector is in the Subversion repository. The code is tested and runs correctly on Windows XP Pro with Oracle ODBC driver ver It is an early snapshot with some wrinkles left to iron out so changes are likely to be seen in the near future.

Comments and/or contributions are more than welcome.


Help Us Improve The POCO Community!

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Dear POCO User,

we are happy that you have chosen POCO as one of your favorite C++ development frameworks. Here we want to thank you that you trust in us.

After several months of community life it is now time to take the next step!

We want to greatly improve the POCO Community Website within the next two months. Only with your feedback and ideas for improvements we all will gain a community which makes a real contribution to our life as passionate C++ programmers! So please share with us your ideas, thoughts, wishes, fears, etc. For an open discussion, there are the following possibilities:

  • use the “Site Feedback” section in our discussion forums
  • start an email discussion
  • leave a comment in the Blog

What do you think? What would be the best for an open discussion?

So here we go. Your feedback and ideas are always highly appreciated!

1. To give you and your projects more space, to promote POCO to a wider audience and to share ideas what could be done with POCO, it would be nice to have a Project Showcase, featuring your projects.

2. To share problem solutions based on POCO, and as a POCO learning tool we have already started working on Tutorials, HowTos and TechNotes, where POCO programming topics will be discussed or presented.

3. To see how easily solutions can be build with POCO and as a POCO learning tool it would be nice to have Webinars of POCO topics.

What do you think? Other ideas?

We ask you to participate to make POCO the most widespread used C++ framework for network-centric, cross-platform software development. Where the framework simplifies your implementation tasks and where you have the right to modify it until it works the way you want it.

We are looking forward to your reply and thank you for your contribution.

The POCO Team at Applied Informatics

Automotive Discovers C++

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The latest Elektroniknet newsletter points to an article about using C++ in automotive (body electronics) software development (in German only). It seems that BMW is going in this direction, as the article was written by three developers from the BMW Car IT group. The article is fairly good at addressing the typical prejudices (too slow, needs too much memory, blah blah) many embedded C developers have against C++. Well, it’s about time that automotive software developers discover the merits of C++.

C++ Generic Coding vs. Java Frameworks

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Interesting article by Dan Clarke in Reg Developer.

Dan asks why there are so many things that C++ developers should do by hand, while Java developers have lots of frameworks available.

Hopefully, with POCO as a solid foundation, we’ll soon see a lot more useful frameworks in C++, also.

Die Zukunft von C++ by Scott Meyers

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There is a new interview with Scott Meyers available on his site. Scott talks about language future, upcoming standard etc. I found it surprising that he does not care much about concepts. I am from the “excited” crowd.

POCO Netconf: Add automatic configuration capabilities to your devices.

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Based on Poco – the open source network-centric, cross-platform C++ library – Applied Informatics Software Engineering GmbH, the expert to connect embedded systems with enterprise IT infrastructure, has currently released a C++ library for XML based Device Management, which implements the NetConf Standard.

The NETCONF protocol defines a simple mechanism to manage and configure a network device, to retrieve, upload and manipulate configuration data .

The POCO NetConf package delivers the necessary standard functionality for XML based Device Management and helps to

· reduce the implementation costs,

· ease the access to new device configuration capabilities

· reduce operational costs by implementing configuration automation.

An Overview and User Manual is available here.





POCO 1.2.4 Released

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POCO release 1.2.4 is available for download.
This release contains mostly bugfixes for namespace handling in the XML library.

Changes in detail:

– some code beautifying and improvements to comments
– DOMParser now automatically sets FEATURE_NAMESPACE_PREFIXES
– fixed SF #1567051: DOMBuilder/DOMParser/NamespaceStrategy bug
– fixed SF #1567364: POCO_APP_MAIN
– added Document::getElementById() (two-argument) and getElementByIdNS()
– added another test for DOMParser
– added AutoPtr::isNull() (to be consistent with SharedPtr)
– this release again compiles on PA-RISC HP-UX systems with aCC
– added CMAKE support files contributed by Andrew J. P. Maclean