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Archive: November, 2006

The Problem with Programming

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A fresh Bjarne Stroustrup’s interview .

Poco 1.3.0b1

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A first beta of the upcoming Poco 1.3 release is available for download.

Release Notes:


– added HashMap, HashSet classes
– added Poco::Tuple
– added AbstractCache::getAllKeys(), improved performance of the get operation
– fixed AbstractCache::size() to do cache replacement before returning the size
– added additional match() method to RegularExpression and documented the fact that the simple
match() method internally sets RE_ANCHORED and RE_NOTEMPTY.
– added ExpirationDecorator template. Decorates data types so that they can be used with UniqueExpireCaches
– added operator ! to AutoPtr and SharedPtr
– Buffer uses std::size_t instead of int
– Exception::what() now returns exception name instead of message
– added poco_ndc_dbg() macro (same as poco_ndc(), but only enabled in debug builds)
– added Environment::get(name, defaultValue);
– Foundation.h now includes Config.h at the very beginning.
– added replace() and replaceInPlace() to Poco/String.h
– added AutoPtr::assign() and SharedPtr::assign()
– added operator () to AbstractEvent
– gcc Makefiles now strip release builds
– Void now has a == and != operator

Introducing PocoDoc

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PocoDoc, the documentation generator used by POCO, can now be found in the SVN sandbox.
A short HowTo that explains how to build and run PocoDoc can be found in the Wiki.

2006: A Software Odyssey

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Neal Gafter laments about generics in Java. It is interesting to read various opinions on Java “generics” ranging from “they spoiled the language”, to “let’s (re)do it right”.

Sigh. Someone please send Java “visionaries” back to future .