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Archive: February, 2011

Using POCO in MFC Applications

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I just posted a few notes on using POCO in MFC applications in the forum.

Mailing List Changes

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In order to consolidate and focus our support resources there will be some changes to our mailing list policy. Experience over the past years has shown that more than 90 % of all support questions are already asked in the forum. In order to build up a central knowledge base and provide a single point of contact, we ask you all to post support questions and related topics to the forum only. While the poco-develop mailing list will continue to exist, it will from now on exclusively be used for coordination and internal discussion by the POCO development team. Support questions will no longer be answered on poco-develop.

Announcements regarding new releases and interesting topics, etc. will be made on Twitter and in this blog.

If you haven’t done so already, please go to the forum and create your account.

We also plan some improvements for the project website in the coming weeks, including a Job Board on the forum. If you have any suggestions or ideas for improvements, please post them to the Site Feedback forum.

Meet Us At Embedded World

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Meet us at Embedded World 2011, March 1—3 2011 in Nürnberg, Germany. I will give a talk on Thursday, March 3, 13:30—14:00, titled Introduction to Web Services for Embedded Developers.

Applied Informatics will not have a booth at the exhibition, but we invite you to take the opportunity to meet us during the event. To schedule a meeting, please contact us. We are looking forward to meeting you in Nürnberg.

POCO C++ Libraries Release 1.4.1p1 Available

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Release 1.4.1 is a bugfix/patch release that fixes two issues introduced in 1.4.1.
On Linux, Poco::Mutex is not recursive, which may cause code requiring on recursiveness of Poco::Mutex to deadlock. This was introduced in 1.4.1 due to a wrong compile-time check for availability of PTHREAD_MUTEX_RECURSIVE (which is an enum value and not a macro).
The second issue is with Poco::Net::SecureSocketImpl::abort(). This method now simply shuts down the underlying socket and no longer frees the SSL object, which may have lead to multithreading issues.
Upgrading to 1.4.1p1 is recommended for all users.

MongoDB Subsystem for POCO

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Danny Tylman has created a Mongo subsystem for POCO that acts as a native client to MongoDB. Looks very interesting. Check it out at