Worldwide Community Become a sponsor of the POCO C++ Libraries project and help make a great open source project even better by giving back to the community.
Your Help Is Needed The ongoing development and maintenance of the POCO C++ Libraries requires a lot of resources. That is why sponsors are needed to help funding the project.

Donations to the project are currently managed by Applied Informatics Software Engineering GmbH, the original founder and sponsor of the project. As part of a sponsorship agreement, Applied Informatics will provide commercial-grade support to project sponsors. The details are stated in the POCO C++ Libraries Sponsorship And Support Agreement (PDF). Alternatively, we also welcome companies funding the development of a specific feature for POCO.

Sponsorship Levels Three sponsorship levels are offered: GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE. All sponsorship levels include a sponsor acknowledgement on the website, as well as a certain level of technical support. The minimum sponsorship fees for the three levels are EUR 28.000 for a GOLD sponsorship, EUR 8000 for a SILVER sponsorship and EUR 2600 for a BRONZE sponsorship. Sponsorship fees are for a 12 month period and have to be paid upfront.
Feature Sponsorship Need a specific non-trivial feature in the POCO C++ Libraries, but don't have the resources to develop it yourself? You can pay the POCO maintainers to implement a feature in POCO. We also have a list of features looking for a sponsor. Please contact Applied Informatics for more information.
Become a Sponsor

Becoming a sponsor is via contract (PDF) with Applied Informatics Software Engineering GmbH. If interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact Applied Informatics.

You can also donate via PayPal.