class Latin2Encoding

Library: Foundation
Package: Text
Header: Poco/Latin2Encoding.h


ISO Latin-2 (8859-2) text encoding.

Latin-2 is basically Latin-1 with the EURO sign plus some other minor changes.


Direct Base Classes: TextEncoding

All Base Classes: TextEncoding

Member Summary

Member Functions: canonicalName, characterMap, convert, isA, queryConvert, sequenceLength

Inherited Functions: add, byName, canonicalName, characterMap, convert, find, global, isA, manager, queryConvert, remove, sequenceLength





~Latin2Encoding virtual

virtual ~Latin2Encoding();

Member Functions

canonicalName virtual

const char * canonicalName() const;

See also: Poco::TextEncoding::canonicalName()

characterMap virtual

const CharacterMap & characterMap() const;

See also: Poco::TextEncoding::characterMap()

convert virtual

int convert(
    const unsigned char * bytes
) const;

See also: Poco::TextEncoding::convert()

convert virtual

int convert(
    int ch,
    unsigned char * bytes,
    int length
) const;

See also: Poco::TextEncoding::convert()

isA virtual

bool isA(
    const std::string & encodingName
) const;

See also: Poco::TextEncoding::isA()

queryConvert virtual

int queryConvert(
    const unsigned char * bytes,
    int length
) const;

See also: Poco::TextEncoding::queryConvert()

sequenceLength virtual

int sequenceLength(
    const unsigned char * bytes,
    int length
) const;

See also: Poco::TextEncoding::sequenceLength()