class SimpleFileChannel

Library: Foundation
Package: Logging
Header: Poco/SimpleFileChannel.h


A Channel that writes to a file. This class only supports simple log file rotation.

For more features, see the FileChannel class.

Only the message's text is written, followed by a newline.

Chain this channel to a FormattingChannel with an appropriate Formatter to control what is in the text.

Log file rotation based on log file size is supported.

If rotation is enabled, the SimpleFileChannel will alternate between two log files. If the size of the primary log file exceeds a specified limit, the secondary log file will be used, and vice versa.

Log rotation is configured with the "rotation" property, which supports the following values:

The path of the (primary) log file can be specified with the "path" property. Optionally, the path of the secondary log file can be specified with the "secondaryPath" property.

If no secondary path is specified, the secondary path will default to <primaryPath>.1.

The flush property specifies whether each log message is flushed immediately to the log file (which may hurt application performance, but ensures that everything is in the log in case of a system crash), Valid values are:


Direct Base Classes: Channel

All Base Classes: Channel, Configurable, RefCountedObject

Member Summary

Member Functions: close, creationDate, getProperty, log, open, path, rotate, secondaryPath, setFlush, setProperty, setRotation, size

Inherited Functions: close, duplicate, getProperty, log, open, referenceCount, release, setProperty




Creates the FileChannel.


    const std::string & path

Creates the FileChannel for a file with the given path.


~SimpleFileChannel protected virtual


Member Functions

close virtual

void close();

Closes the FileChannel.

See also: Poco::Channel::close()


Timestamp creationDate() const;

Returns the log file's creation date.

getProperty virtual

std::string getProperty(
    const std::string & name
) const;

Returns the value of the property with the given name. See setProperty() for a description of the supported properties.

See also: Poco::Channel::getProperty()

log virtual

void log(
    const Message & msg

Logs the given message to the file.

See also: Poco::Channel::log()

open virtual

void open();

Opens the FileChannel and creates the log file if necessary.

See also: Poco::Channel::open()


const std::string & path() const;

Returns the log file's primary path.


const std::string & secondaryPath() const;

Returns the log file's secondary path.

setProperty virtual

void setProperty(
    const std::string & name,
    const std::string & value

Sets the property with the given name.

The following properties are supported:

See also: Poco::Channel::setProperty()


UInt64 size() const;

Returns the log file's current size in bytes.

rotate protected

void rotate();

setFlush protected

void setFlush(
    const std::string & flush

setRotation protected

void setRotation(
    const std::string & rotation



static const std::string PROP_FLUSH;

PROP_PATH static

static const std::string PROP_PATH;


static const std::string PROP_ROTATION;


static const std::string PROP_SECONDARYPATH;