POCO OSP like an Windows service.

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POCO OSP like an Windows service.

Postby retf » 19 May 2010, 14:46

-- POCO OSP like an Windows service.

Hi All,

I am using POCO OSP app like an Windows service and unix daemon, and I need get my .exe (working directory) directory, but when I try, i get this: C:\Windows\system32 (windows).

How i can get my exe dir???

I am in this class:

class EnterpriseManagerHandler: public HTTPRequestHandler

{ void handleRequest(HTTPServerRequest& request, HTTPServerResponse& response)


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Re: POCO OSP like an Windows service.

Postby guenter » 19 May 2010, 15:30

The working directory of a Windows service is the Windows system directory (usually C:\Windows\system32). To get the path to the directory containing the application exe, use the application.dir property from the Poco::Util::Application class:

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Poco::Util::Application& app = Poco::Util::Application::instance();
std::string applicationDir = app.config().getString("application.dir");

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