Bug report:POCO Conflict with boost

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Bug report:POCO Conflict with boost

Postby sgsoft » 16 Jul 2010, 09:45

When use boost and poco in one C++ application,you will find this error:

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error C2039: “CreateEvent”:is not “`global namespace'” member. .\boost_1_43_0\boost\asio\detail\win_iocp_handle_service.hpp   261   
error C3861: “CreateEvent”:  unresolve......\boost\boost_1_43_0\boost\asio\detail\win_iocp_handle_service.hpp   261   

To fix the bug ,you must use POCO macro:

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this macro will disable \poco-1.3.6p2\Foundation\include\Poco\UnWindows.h .

but ,you will encounter another error:

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error   4   fatal error C1189: #error :  WinSock.h has already been included   ..\boost\boost_1_43_0\boost\asio\detail\socket_types.hpp   27   

you must define

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before any #define instructor.

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