OpenSSL 1.0.0b

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OpenSSL 1.0.0b

Postby SalvorHardin » 25 Nov 2010, 20:51

The recent improvements to Poco's NetSSL_OpenSSL is very much appreciated!

BTW, I noticed OpenSSL released a new version:

OpenSSL changes between 1.0.0a and 1.0.0b

*) Fix extension code to avoid race conditions which can result in a buffer
overrun vulnerability: resumed sessions must not be modified as they can
be shared by multiple threads. CVE-2010-3864

*) Fix WIN32 build system to correctly link an ENGINE directory into
a DLL.

I'm looking forward to official Poco 1.4 with 64-bit projects. I'm using 1.3.7 (svn snapshot a few weeks old) and it has been fantastic in 32-bit apps.

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