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problem compilation

Postby jmrey » 23 May 2011, 15:13

Hi, I write because I have a problem when I compile the library Poco, which is that:
In the POCO dir I run ./configure and got the response "Configured for Linux"
what means this response and how to fix, and I need to use it but I can not compile it, I have tried in different machines with the Linux operating system (ubuntu 10.10) and poco different files until I downloaded the version is poco-1.3.6p2.tar.gz.

thanks for your answer

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Re: problem compilation

Postby nellute » 05 Jul 2011, 14:55

I got the "Configured for Linux" message as well after doing ./configure

After that I type "make" and follow by "sudo make install", it compile and install successfully.

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