ODBC - SQLCancel and asynchronous calls

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ODBC - SQLCancel and asynchronous calls

Postby frankeden » 08 Nov 2011, 00:04

In recent versions of ODBC, it has become possible to cancel a long running operation.
The function to do this is SQLCancel.

Here is a simple example of its use:

Code: Select all

// Specify that the statement is to be executed asynchronously.
// Execute a SELECT statement asynchronously.
while ((rc=SQLExecDirect(hstmt1,"SELECT * FROM Orders",SQL_NTS))==SQL_STILL_EXECUTING)
       // While the statement is still executing, do something else, like sleep
       if ( m_userHasPressedCancel)

Im fairly new to the Poco ODBC libraries, but Ive studied the code and cant find any mention of SQLCancel or asynchronous support.
Is this being considered?

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