SQLite Encryption Extension

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SQLite Encryption Extension

Postby gandriotakis » 02 Dec 2011, 20:50

Does the POCO Data Library support SQLite Encryption Extension?

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Re: SQLite Encryption Extension

Postby SalvorHardin » 05 Jan 2012, 23:20

I'm using Poco 1.4.2p1 with my own SEE-like implementation of Sqlite 3.7.8 and 3.7.9 with no problems.

But I had to add a few lines of code to Poco::Data::SessionImpl in order to have SessionPool utilize encryption/decryption capable version.
Another alternative is to pass the "PRAGMA KEY=" for each new connection to avoid modifying Poco.
Yet another way might be to have your own SQLite::Connector and call its registerConnector();

It seems sqlite3 files distributed with Poco is unmodified, so I simply replace them with the latest plus encryption code.

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