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Design decision

Postby poksi592 » 01 Feb 2012, 18:37


I've been trying to find appropriate multi platform framework or library solution for database access or even ORM for quite some time.
Since the application will have to run locally on mobile devices, primarily running iOS it is important to find such library that has such possibility.

During this search I have stumbled over POCO++ and I find this libraries generally great! Search was quite thorough and at the end I realized that there is no ORM framework that would suit our project therefore the persistence classes will have to be written anyway.

Finally, I shortlisted SOCI and POCO where later offers also other functionalities that we might find useful.

Then I was reminded about Python which has most of the needed stuff built into language….however, I'm C-guy and I feel very uncomfortable with language runtimes and speaking frankly, although Python is much thinner than Java it still smells like one and I have reservation about Java, ridiculously, I believe it it a niche technology with too much questions, problems and false concepts…

Since this is very important decision and it is very clear to me that you are serious specialist there, I would like to ask you following:

- are there any technical obstacles in using POCO++ on iOS and OS X if we see no problem in wrapping C++ in objective C?
- what kind of advantages there are in using C++ libraries wrapped in objective C over doing similar to Python?

I would sincerely like your sincere answer…

I hope you can spare some time to help my decision here.

THanks in advance,


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Re: Design decision

Postby guenter » 01 Feb 2012, 23:44

Generally, POCO works fine on OS X and iOS. There are already some iOS applications in the App Store that use POCO. One of them is my own: AIS Radar, which uses a POCO-based, platform-independent C++ backend handling all network communication and data processing (AIS data decoding, tracking). The great advantage of POCO and C++ over Python is that you can freely mix C++ and ObjC code in a source file. Set the file extension to .M or use the "compile as Objective-C++ code" in the project options. A few other tips for using POCO in iOS can be found here.

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