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License of ConvertUTF

Posted: 10 May 2012, 13:18
by michi

I found the following comment in UTF8Encoding.h.
/// Adapted from ... nvertUTF.c
/// Copyright 2001-2004 Unicode, Inc.

The above URI isn't available anymore, so I get "ConvertUTF.c" by Google.
The following notice in the file requires attaching it.
Do you think that Poco and our software using Poco had better attach it?
Or unnecessary?

* Copyright 2001-2004 Unicode, Inc.
* Disclaimer
* This source code is provided as is by Unicode, Inc. No claims are
* made as to fitness for any particular purpose. No warranties of any
* kind are expressed or implied. The recipient agrees to determine
* applicability of information provided. If this file has been
* purchased on magnetic or optical media from Unicode, Inc., the
* sole remedy for any claim will be exchange of defective media
* within 90 days of receipt.
* Limitations on Rights to Redistribute This Code
* Unicode, Inc. hereby grants the right to freely use the information
* supplied in this file in the creation of products supporting the
* Unicode Standard, and to make copies of this file in any form
* for internal or external distribution as long as this notice
* remains attached.

Re: License of ConvertUTF

Posted: 31 May 2012, 08:58
by marlowabnp
Looks necessary to me. I wonder how/why it got stripped off....