How to implement P2P Chat application with POCO

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How to implement P2P Chat application with POCO

Postby gfzheng » 13 Sep 2012, 05:19

Hi all,

I'm new to POCO, and I am going to implement a P2P Chat application with POCO, I need suggestions to do so.

First of all, I need to build a server to maintain the online users. I found the EchoServer sample and TimeServer sample, but I am not sure

1. which framework is better, TCPServer or Reactor?
2. which structure to use to maintain the connected clients list? And I need to tell all the connected clients the online users' information, such as IP/port/name etc., so that the connected client can connect to other clients directly.
3. use Mutex to support concurrent access to the clients list structure, right?
4. where to add the connection information to the list?

Second, the P2P Chat application must both support server and client functions, besides the above questions, there is a new question: should i put all the connections in the same list, i.e. connections from client part of other peer and connections to server part of other peer.

Thank you in advance for your suggestions.

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