Are your interested in having an audio device library ?

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Are your interested in having an audio device library ?

Postby adriencourdavault » 29 Nov 2012, 17:25

I'm wondering if some people here would be interested in having a simple audio device library.

There is currently no easy way to connect to an audio driver in the standard library, and most of other solutions are frameworks doing much more than audio devices (like JUCE or Qt and JACK) or proprietary (ASIO) or not really C++ oriented (PortAudio).
Disclaimer : There is a C++ binding for portaudio and this is a pretty stable library, but I don't find it is really C++ oriented, it is still a pretty big library and not so easy to use.

This library should provide a very simple way to :
* list audio devices
* check formats supported by this device
* register a callback function for a specified device

For this reason I started a small project to do this I don't have something stable yet, but I wonder if anyone as some advices, or remarks about this. Thank you for your feedbacks.


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