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Tutorials and other help

Postby closetgeek » 12 Dec 2012, 21:09

Hi, I'm looking for tutorials and other articles regarding POCO. It seems to be a good set of libraries, but I'm a bit overwhelmed by it all since I'm coming to it as a novice C++ coder. Boost has a large amount of documentation, but it is even larger and more overwhelming so I think I would be better off starting with POCO. I'm most interested in threading, IPC (queues mainly) , and its network service framework.

Wheres a good place to start? Google pulls up a few misc articles, but only the only site that has put a real focus on POCO related docs is codeproject.com, yet they only have 4 or 5 small tuts. It's a great start, but I'm looking for a bit more meat. Thanks

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Re: Tutorials and other help

Postby closetgeek » 12 Dec 2012, 21:50

Also, and I don't mean this in a harsh way, but poco's parent company seems to have an interest in 'training and consulting'. Does this have any effect on the type of help and support that non 'pro' users have? Honestly, we all need to make our money some how, just wondering from a beginners prospective who doesn't have the funds for structured training.

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Re: Tutorials and other help

Postby rakesh » 13 Dec 2012, 00:02

The best way to find out more details about any open source framework/product is to read their unit test sources.

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Re: Tutorials and other help

Postby alex » 14 Dec 2012, 01:12

I keep on hearing this and I'm wondering where are we going wrong ...

There are Introductory Slides and Articles. Then there is API Reference with Guided Tour, Getting Started and Data User Guide. Then there are Foundation samples, Net samples, Data samples, XML samples, JSON samples, etc etc ...

There are also places like Poco Fanatic and Xiao Jia's Blog Finally, there is this forum, poco-develop mailing list and, as rakesh points out, tests (I personally go back to those all the time). Don't forget POCO source itself, which is as readable as C++ can be.

Writing large amounts of prose about a software product (separately from source code in particular) is very prone to obsolescence. I'm thinking people often forget that "the only final and true representation of 'the design' is the source code itself" and, while some high-level of prose is valuable, no amount of prose can explain everything.

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