FTPClient NAT Port Forwarding

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FTPClient NAT Port Forwarding

Postby asparagus » 17 Jan 2013, 08:50

Hello! I am making an application that needs to create an FTP connection to a device behind a router over the internet. I port forwarded the router of the device that I want to connect and was able to get a control connection. However, when I want to retrieve a file, I found POCO uses the ip:port that is returned as part of a passive connection for data connection; this is incorrect because the ip:port turns out to be private. I was wondering if there is implementation that I can set such that when I use e.g. beginDownload(file), it will connect to the public router ip and the forwarded port rather than the private device ip and port. (Basically ignore the response from PASV and use my own address/port)


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