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OpenDyno Open Source Project

Postby tony » 14 Sep 2013, 03:49

I have started a new open source project named OpenDyno. The project is an attempt to develop a test automation control system. I have implemented a GUI in C# that runs on Windows (it uses National Instruments Measurement Studio for some controls). I am now porting an application from QNX to Linux with a Preempt_RT Kernel. The QNX application is a command line app that was developed in C++ without the POCO framework (didn't hear of it at the time). When I found out about the POCO project it seemed to fill in most of the low level needs of the application. The project is named OpenDyno since it is currently used in a dyno lab. The application is more of a generic test sequencer which could be used for any type of test automation. If anyone would like to participate I could use some help. You can find out more info at or My contact information is on sourceforge.


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