Listeners list, reconnections, disconnections.

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Listeners list, reconnections, disconnections.

Postby treeze » 26 Aug 2014, 12:50

Hello guys,

want to try implementing few things :)

First of all, I want to write some kind of "message sending" plugin which will be abstraction for sth like this:
Whole logic is encapsulated on the server, and whole communication is about exchanging messages between logic, and client.

/ Listener 1
[ Logic ] ----> [ message sending] - Listener 2
\ Listener 3

Listeners can be remote machines ( PCs ), web browsers. I had a look into your magnificent libraries, and since you have UDP, TCP, WebSockets, I'm at home :))

Issue no. 1 :)

Using TCP, and one of your samples, I succeed in connecting two processes.
Since I have to know a little about listener, and what he wants form server logic, for later purposes I need to save
reference to him.

- How to know if listener is still online ? Logic sometimes needs to spare some time for calculating few things.
After that, before sending reply, we want to be sure if he's still alive ( connected to logic ) :)
Can someone help with this issue ?

- It would be really nice, if server could get a callback after one of listeners disconnected from logic.
Like in chat, to notify others that one of users has left.

- Is it possible for listener to receive a callback after logic got disconnected for any reason ?

Very kind greetings,

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