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Image with HTTPserver

Postby Manu » 05 Aug 2009, 15:26


I tried to add an image into the HTML with the HTTPTimeserver sample, but it doesn't work.

See code below, I added img tag:

std::ostream& ostr = response.send();

ostr <<
"<title>POCO Form Server Sample</title>\n"
"<h1>POCO Form Server Sample</h1>\n"
"<h2>GET Form</h2>\n"
"<img src=\"/myImage.png\" height=\"267\" width=\"400\" />\n" "<form method=\"GET\" action=\"/form\">\n"

The question is : How to make that?

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Re: Image with HTTPserver

Postby guenter » 06 Aug 2009, 06:49

You need to add a request handler for the image that sends back the image file.

In the simplest case, you add a request handler which simply does a

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response.sendFile("myImage.png", "image/png");

and add the following code to your request handler factory:

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if (uri.getPath() == "/myImage.png")
   return new MyImageHandler;

If you have to serve lots of different images and style sheets, etc., however, you might want to implement this in a generic way. In this case you need to implement a translation from URI paths to filesystem paths (take care of ".." path segments in the URI and trailing "." in the filesystem on Windows) and a mapping from file name extensions to MIME types.

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