Thank you for POCO

Praise, success stories and a list of organizations using the POCO C++ Libraries.
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Thank you for POCO

Postby rekkai » 29 Aug 2007, 22:11

Hi, We have been using POCO for the last six months or so for a networked application and we have been very impressed by the library.

Here's what we like about it.
1. Intuitive and Consistent Design
2. Clean and Uncluttered use of API
3. Simplification of many of the RFC standards into usable API
4. Liberal License (:biggrin:)
5. Excellent Documentation

All in all an elegant library that makes using a joy!
Keep up the good work and thanks a lot.

Other comments:
As you add new features and systems it would help if you maintained the same modular design. This allows applications flexibility in choosing what they want instead of getting everything.

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