POCO and OSP success story from Lumiplan, France

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POCO and OSP success story from Lumiplan, France

Postby guenter » 02 Feb 2012, 13:57

I'd like to share with you a success story we received today from our customer Lumiplan in France who used POCO and OSP for the development of an Onboard Passenger Information System for buses:

"I would like to share our success story with OSP. We have successfully developed and deployed an Onboard Passenger Information System for 150 passenger buses in Northern France. Our choice of OSP framework for the embedded solution on ARM based platform was a very apt choice. OSP along with Poco provided us the desired flexibility we needed in our solution. We could develop our application with almost no support from Applied Informatics team. Thanks to the easiness, robustness, versatility, comprehensiveness and high quality of the OSP + Poco libraries. With OSP we could reduce our project turnaround time by 50%. Thanks to the Applied Informatics team.
I highly recommend the solution for rapid application development primarily for embedded solutions.
All the very best to your team and for their all future endeavours."

Suvajit SENGUPTA, Technical Specialist, Lumiplan

Congratulations to Lumiplan and best wishes for their upcoming projects.
It makes us extremely happy if our customers projects go so well and even more so if customers share their success stories with us. How about yours?

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