POCO in SIL1-Certified Train Monitoring and Control System

Praise, success stories and a list of organizations using the POCO C++ Libraries.
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POCO in SIL1-Certified Train Monitoring and Control System

Postby guenter » 11 Feb 2012, 22:09

Chris Steinbeck, Senior Software Engineer at Thales Australia, wrote: "We used the POCO libraries for our Common Telemetry Infrastructure Platform (CTIP) which is a system to provide monitoring and control of the new Waratah trains in Sydney, Australia. The software also needed to achieve a SIL1 rating from an independent assessor.

The breadth of the POCO libraries is astounding and I doubt we actually fully appreciate how much work the libraries saved us. We did find some issues along the way, and we fed these back in to the project via SourceForge, but not only did we get good support from the bug tracker and forums, we also had the advantage of having access to the well designed source code and this meant we could quickly track down where the issue was with certainty. I should add that none of these issues were a major problem for us. In fact, our main regret is probably to do with the parts of code where we did not use the (or realise there was an) appropriate POCO class.

The SIL1 assessment required us to not only demonstrate the integrity of our code but also the third party libraries we used. To this end the information on your project website and the unit test suite was of great assistance. With these inputs, we were able to demonstrate a strong pedigree for the POCO libraries and this contributed to our achieving the SIL1 rating."

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