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Postby fbraem » 13 Aug 2014, 22:13

With some pride I can announce today that my employer, KBC, is now using my open source project MQWeb to help their developers, who use WebSphere MQ, to get status information from their queues, channels, ...

An internal website is created with CakePHP to get an overview of all available queuemanagers. Once a queuemanager is selected, AngularJS is used to get information from the MQWeb daemon. AngularJS is also used to turn the JSON data into HTML.

MQWeb is using the following Poco libraries: Foundation, Util, Net, Data/SQLite and JSON. Because MQWeb depends on JSON, Poco 1.5.2 is used. Allthough this is a development release, it runs without any problems on our servers.
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