POCO great for upgrading client/server applications

Praise, success stories and a list of organizations using the POCO C++ Libraries.
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POCO great for upgrading client/server applications

Postby ahall72 » 22 Feb 2017, 15:48

Hello. I work for General Motors. I was challenged to take a large critical GM client/server C++ application written in the 90s and upgrade it to modern day technology. On the client the MFC application could not compile past Microsoft DEV Studio 1998 with a Windows XP emulator! On the server, it ran with Solaris 10. Both also used a very old no longer supported middleware product called Net Essential for client/server communication.

With POCO I was able replace the old middleware product. In addition it helped me to get the application to run on Visual Studio 2015 for the client and the latest version of LINUX for server.

Currently we are only using Foundation and Net libraries for POCO. But in the future we plan to use Data and ODBC as well to help us upgrade our database layer. This project would not have gotten as far as it has without using POCO.

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