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Praise, success stories and a list of organizations using the POCO C++ Libraries.
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New POCO Fan

Postby guenter » 28 Feb 2007, 14:23

Ilya Volvovski wrote the following on the poco-develop mailing list (reposted here with his permission):

I came across POCO and I am very impressed with a broad coverage, quality of design, code and documentation. I found a lot of areas where POCO may be of a great help beyond what I was looking for or expected to find (shared library, networking, XML). I am yet to test it in different environments, but so far it looks really really good. Besides interfaces and coding habits are so close to what I consider good style that it is easy for me to read, comprehend and appreciate what I see.

I feel that POCO may soon become a de-facto standard for multi-platform development.

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