Recursive directory deflating slowness using Compress class

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Recursive directory deflating slowness using Compress class

Postby Joachim » 11 Oct 2012, 10:40

Hi all!

I'm using the Compress class for recursive directory deflating with following code:

std::ofstream out(outputZipPath.c_str(), ios::binary);
Poco::Path in(sourcePathToZip);

Poco::Zip::Compress compObj(out, true);
compObj.addRecursive(in, Poco::Zip::ZipCommon::CL_NORMAL, true);

The zip archive is successfully created but it's too slow when entry size is relatively large (200MB or more). I've written a small java executable for testing purpose and it's twice faster than my C++ code :(

So, i wanted to know if someone is aware about that and if you can advise me with best practices. Is there anything relative with C++ stream management? how can i improve compression performance? (i've tried the SUPER_FAST flag but result is not fast enough)

Thanks in advance.


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