Path : valid syntax

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Path : valid syntax

Postby cdelmas » 22 May 2007, 10:55

Hello all,
I have a question : is

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Path p("");

a Windows-valid path ? According to me, it is clear that the answer is no, and I expect the API to throw a PathSyntaxException. Indeed, there is a set of forbidden characters that we can't use in both directory and file names ; this set is __" < > | / ? : *__. In fact, Poco doesn't throw the "expected" exception, and the resulting path is :

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So my question is : why does this code is valid, and how can I test the validity of a path ?

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Path : valid syntax

Postby guenter » 27 May 2007, 10:16

Path currently does not test for invalid characters in a path.Probably a good feature for an upcoming release, though.

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