How to support chinese?

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How to support chinese?

Postby yangyunzhao » 11 Nov 2009, 08:22

In my codes , I use Poco:Path and Poco::DirectoryIterator.

If I use it as follow

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string s = "D:\\ASAT\\IIS\\IEC标准翻译";
Poco::DirectoryIterator d_asat_ptr(s);

It will throw an exception named "PathNotFoundException". But this directory is exist!

Could you give me some helps?
Thanks a lot!!! And sorry for my poor english.

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Re: How to support chinese?

Postby guenter » 11 Nov 2009, 13:29

The string must be UTF-8 encoded. So you should make sure that your source file is UTF-8 encoded as well. In Visual Studio, you can do that with File -> Advanced Safe Options. Chose Encoding Unicode (UTF-8 without signature) - Codepage 65001

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