DOMWriter namespace writeNode() namespace reorganising

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DOMWriter namespace writeNode() namespace reorganising

Postby cashnl » 18 Nov 2009, 16:29


I'm using Poco libraries for communicating with a webservice. The webservice requires me to sign the SOAP message with WS-S specifications.
I've implemented the required elements for my webservice. However the generated SignatureValue and DigestValue aren't being accepted.

After some debugging regarding the SignatureValue I've found out that when I use

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Poco::XML::DOMWriter writer;
writer.writeNode(transformedContent, signedInfo);

All of the namespaces from element 'signedInfo' it's parent nodes that are used in 'signedInfo' or one of its children are being transeffered over from parent elements into 'signedInfo' element. Furthermore, the name of the namespace also changed

So the following original XML:

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  <ns4:CanonicalizationMethod Algorithm="" />
  <ns4:SignatureMethod Algorithm="" />
  <ns4:Reference URI="#Body">
      <ns4:Transform Algorithm="" />
    <ns4:DigestMethod Algorithm="" />


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<ns1:SignedInfo xmlns:ns1="">
  <ns1:CanonicalizationMethod Algorithm="" />
  <ns1:SignatureMethod Algorithm="" />
  <ns1:Reference URI="#Body">
      <ns1:Transform Algorithm="" />
    <ns1:DigestMethod Algorithm="" />

Normally this is the desired behaviour. But not in my case, since I want the original XML chunk unmodified so I can hash it with SHA1 and than encrypt it with RSA and finally encode it with Base64.

I'm really missing an innerHTML attribute. Something similiar like innerText attribute. Anyway I'd like to know if it's possible to output unmodifed XML with DOMWriter/XMLWriter. Otherwise Ill have to do ugly stuff like write the entire DOM to a file, and than only read out the SignedInfo element.

Thanks in Advance

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